How to Cite an Image

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“Rogue River.” Online Photograph. Encyclop√¶dia Britannica Online. 29 Apr. 2008 .


What should be in my blog?

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Outline Framework for OAL 444
Wilderness Blog

Your blog should contain elements of the following accompanied by pictures, audio, or video.

I. Select Natural (Wilderness) Area
a. Stretch of River
b. Mountain
c. Stretch of Trail
d. Forest
e. Desert

II. Natural History and ecology
a. Geology
b. Fire, glacier, etc.
c. Biological diversity
d. Tree species
e. Animals

III. Native American history
a. Tribe(s)
b. Use of the land/river
c. Spiritual/mythical relevance

IV. Explorers and/or early American use or settlement

a. River navigation
b. Mountaineering
c. Trail blazing
d. Scientific exploration
e. Trapping, Mining, logging,

V. Literary descriptions
a. Historical journals
b. Environmental literature

VI. Federal or State regulation and Activism
a. Protection
b. Use (permits, sales, grazing, etc.)
c. Controversy (environmental, political, etc.)
d. Recreational use

VII. Links to other relevant sites

VIII. Bibliography
a. Online databases with scanned historical documents (SODA, Historical Societies, etc.)
b. Online databases with current articles (EBSCO)
c. Books (SOU, Summit)
d. Websites (.gov, .org)